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Regulated by the RICS

MMA Surveyors

MMA Surveyors are pleased to be able to take credit and debit card payments through the WorldPay World Access system. This enables us to proceed with booking a survey at the earliest possible date.

We will provide a fixed price quotation for all residential surveys, and subsequently confirm the fee in writing together with our specific terms of engagement for the selected service – eg Home Buyer Report, Building Survey, etc.

However, no contract is formed until you have received, signed and returned our declaration of acceptance.

In addition to the statutory 7 day period during which the client has the right to cancel any contract, we guarantee a full refund up until midnight of the day preceding that on which the survey is due to be undertaken.

Cancellation may be undertaken by phone, email or writing. However. In the event that you cancel at short notice, we would strongly advise that phone your surveyor.

We reserve the right to make a cancellation charge of 50% of the agreed fee in the event that the client cancels the survey on the day of inspection.

MMA Surveyors are pleased to comply all other World Pay requirements.

We can confirm that no Credit Card information will be retained and that no personal or private information will be passed on to any Third Party.


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