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Regulated by the RICS

MMA Surveyors
Commercial Valuation

MMA Chartered Surveyors have undertaken valuation of a wide variety of commercial premises including industrial units, shops, restaurants and pubs.

Our reports aim to provide clients with an assessment of premise's value, and can be further detailed to include comment upon the demand for a particular type of property, possible planning uses, and, in the case of catering and retail units, advice regarding possible trading potential.

Open Market & Investment Valuations
If you are intending to purchase a property, you may wish to have the reassurance that you are not paying too much. Our Market Valuation is an independent valuation of the property. We look at what similar properties have achieved historically and at what is currently on the market to give you our assessment of the value.

Insurance Valuation
Your insurance company will require you to insure your property in case it is damaged by fire, flooding or some other peril. The valuation usually includes the cost of rebuilding the property, outbuildings, landscaping and other facilities.

MMA Chartered Surveyors can provide a detailed breakdown of the estimated reinstatement costs so that you are sure that you have the correct amount of insurance cover at the outset.

Bank Valuation
If you are planning on purchasing a property with a mortgage or other loan, the lender may require a Mortgage Valuation to confirm the value and assess the lender’s risk. These valuations are usually undertaken by the surveyor agreed with the lender and the report answers the lender’s questions.

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