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Regulated by the RICS

MMA Surveyors

Valuation Reports are intended to give MMA Chartered Surveyors’ opinion of the value of a property in various circumstances. The reports provide only a general comment on the condition of the property and any essential repairs that need to be carried out.

Market Valuation

If you intend to purchase a property, you may wish to have the reassurance that you are not paying too much. MMA Surveyors can provide an independent valuation of the property. We look at what similar properties have achieved historically and at what is currently on the market to give you our best assessment of the value.

Right to Buy Valuations

If you are a housing association tenant or live in a shared ownership property, you may be able to purchase your property at a discount, or acquire the remaining share in your house or flat. MMA Surveyors have acted for numerous tenants and local housing associations. We understand the requirements for the Valuation Report, and can act for either party. Our final report provides an assessment of the property’s value at the appropriate date of application and in accordance with the necessary statutory requirements.

Insurance Valuation

Fire and flooding are two of the many perils that may affect a home. Many homes are under-insured, and your insurance company may not pay out the full amount of any claim. In such circumstances, you would have to make up shortfall from your own pocket. Over insurance is unnecessary and can be costly. Your mortgage company will also require you to insure your property and failure to do so jeopardizes your mortgage.

Building costs rise and have no relation to the purchase price. Insurers recommend that you have the insurance reinstatement amount checked if you undertake any alterations to the building and at least every 3 years.

The valuation usually includes the cost of rebuilding the property, outbuildings, landscaping, and other facilities. MMA Chartered Surveyors can provide a detailed breakdown of the estimated reinstatement costs so that you are sure that you have the correct amount of insurance cover.

Matrimonial Settlement Valuation

Matrimonial Valuations are undertaken in the sad circumstances of a divorce or separation and may be used by a Court for the division of assets.

MMA Chartered Surveyors can act as an expert for one or both parties, or the Court. We provide an independent assessment of the property value at an agreed point in time.

Probate & Tax Valuation

When a member of a family dies, the executors of the estate must undertake a valuation of their assets for Inheritance Tax purposes. This usually requires an independent valuation of the property.

Similarly, it may be necessary from time to time and particularly on the transfer of a property to undertake a valuation for Capital Gains Tax.

MMA Chartered Surveyors understand the clients’ needs in each respect and can undertake valuations as at the effective dates and for all tax purposes.

Mortgage Valuation

If you are planning on purchasing a property with a mortgage or other loan, the lender may require a Mortgage Valuation to confirm the value and assess the lender’s risk. These valuations are usually undertaken by the surveyor appointed by the lender and the report answers the lender’s questions.  The Mortgage Valuation is not a detailed inspection of the condition of the building and you have is little recourse in the event of error.

Retrospective Valuations

Clients may need a valuation as at a historic date for other than tax reasons; for example, a claim for mortgage losses. MMA Surveyors try to understand the limitations on the professional at the time of the original valuation and prepare our reports accordingly.

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